Crowd-Launching Extraordinary Local Experiences

Qwake is the first and only crowd-validation platform designed to bring you extraordinary local experiences that don’t yet exist.

  1. A host has a great idea for a new experience and creates a campaign to test demand.
  2. People vote for the experience in a variety of ways, validating demand.
  3. If the campaign gets enough support, the host brings the experience to life for us to enjoy.

Every day we come across talented individuals eager to launch new adventures. The thing is, it’s hard to know if there’s enough demand for their idea to justify creating it.

Qwake solves this problem by crowdsourcing interest through a simple voting system. By combining 3 forms of support into one useful metric, a successfully launched campaign gives a host the confidence they need to turn a unique concept into a reality.

Whether your feedback is financial or otherwise, everybody's input helps contribute to the creation of a new experience.